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What Determines How Successful You Are?

According to Newton’s First Law of Motion, a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it. This is true not only in physics, but also in economics, and in our daily lives as well. In fact, it is an economic law (certainty) that all economic activity requires incentive to ignite it. If there is no incentive, it’s not going to happen. To accomplish anything significant we must be driven by something.


When there’s a driving force within an organization or even an individual, that force is the determining factor in how priorities are set, how decisions are made, and the focus of each activity. This driving force will not only influence the goals that are established, but also how those goals are achieved.


We often assume that very successful people or organizations are driven by the desire to accumulate money, power, or prestige. And we do see examples of this. But if these incentives are the only or even the primary driving force, the ultimate result will be failure. Why? Because when you’re driven by your own success, people sense this. They soon learn you’ll let them down when it’s to your advantage. People and organizations like that develop a reputation for looking out only for themselves. The result is we avoid them when at all possible. When enough people learn to avoid them, they experience the failure they were desperately trying to avoid.


So, if we must be driven, but being driven by money, power, and prestige result ultimately in failure, what should we be driven by? Experience (and logic) tell us that our success is tied to helping others succeed. When we make helping others reach their goals our number one priority, people notice those successes. They begin putting themselves in that picture of success and wondering how it was all achieved. When they realize your help played a key role, they want you to help them succeed just as you helped others succeed. And let’s face it, helping others succeed makes the world a much better place for us all. You don’t just have a product. You don’t just have a service. What you offer people is something that will help them in some way. Understand that and go all in on it. Help them in their success with everything you have. You can do that by:


  1. Realize the only reason visitors engage with you is because you offer them something that helps them.


  1. Figure out the things you can do that will be the most helpful to the success of your visitors or clients. What more can you do? Be creative. Constantly look for ways to help others succeed. Don’t be afraid to give more! It will come back to you in exponentially greater success for yourself.


  1. Start making your priorities, decisions, and the focus of your actions the success of your visitors or clients. When you decide, decide in their favor. When planning, make plans for their advantage. And always focus on what’s good for your client.


At Drake Web Development, we realize how important money is. We have bills too. We have to make a living, just like you do. But what is more valuable to us than the money we’re paid is the success of our clients. Why? Because each time one of our clients succeeds, we can point that success out to other potential clients. That success is literally worth more than gold to us – it’s our reputation, it’s our future; it’s our driving force. This is why we don’t just finish a job and move on. We stay involved, we continually monitor your website’s results, and we are always looking for ways to improve its effectiveness.


Picture yourself as one of the most in-demand providers in your field of endeavor. People want your service because they know it will bring them success. You will be more successful than you thought possible once you are driven by the success of your clients/visitors.


At Drake Web Development, we would love to help you in your success. A key component of that success is your website and the messaging it contains. Schedule a free consultation now. We never charge anyone to talk with us and we’re willing to help in any way possible.

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