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A small sampling of some of our favorite client's websites:

  • World Heritage
    San Antonio


    "Place Quote Here"

    - Louise Craig,
    Mgr, City of San Antonio ITSD-Web Design Team


    Visit the World Heritage-San Antonio Website

  • Laurel Heights
    SDA Church


    "Place Quote Here"

    - Pastor Bill Lindeman


    Visit the Laurel Heights SDA Church Website

  • Gail Wettstein


    "When I asked Doug Drake [at Drake Web Development] to make my web site, I had no idea how wonderful it would look and how easy it would be to navigate. I have had such wonderful feedback from those that have looked at it. Doug took my ideas and made them better. I am SO please with what he did for me."

    - Gail Wettstein


    Visit Gail Wettstein's Website

  • Dead Birds Don't Sing
    But Witching Rods Talk


    "I am glad I found Doug [at Drake Web Development]. He was a pleasure to work with and was happy only if I was happy with the finished product. He was able to visualize what I wanted and make it happen. My website is easy to use and has a lot of information which includes audio and visual. One does not get lost in the process. Others have commented that it is refreshing in its ease of use"

    - Murry McGill, author


    Vist the "Dead Birds Don't Sing But Witching Rods Talk" Website

Our Secret Weapon

A unique step-by-step process is developed for each client.

Each Process Addresses Five Key Considerations

  • Strategy - Define success, for you AND for your visitors
  • Scope - The information and functionality to include
  • Structure - Information organization
  • Skeleton - Content layout
  • Surface - The look and feel

Our "No-Surprises" Guarantee

  • You review and approve all plans.
  • You have live access to all aspects of the project.
  • You approve of all results before they are implemented.

Why do some websites work while others don't?

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